Summer Reading

The KCLS Foundation proudly supports the KCLS Summer Reading programs, through your generous donations. In 2018, KCLSF will grant $350,000 for summer programming to reach King County residents of all ages. Summer programs include:

Summer Reading for children and teens, including reading challenges, incentives, and fun events in each of the 49 libraries

Adult Summer Reading which encourages adults, especially parents, to make time for reading because studies show that when children see the adults in their lives reading they are much more likely to stick with the habit themselves

Summer Meals program that provides meals and snacks to children in areas with high concentration of free and reduced lunch participants, who often experience hunger during the summer months

Summer Busing which brings summer school students to the library for educational activities and time to check out books

And outreach programs which bring the library out in to the community to parks, camps, and apartment complexes so kids who don’t have someoneto take them to the library can still join in the fun

Last year, KCLS librarians handed out 19,828 free books as part of the summer outreach programs, to encourage kids to start their own libraries at home. These books were purchased directly through your donations to the KCLS Foundation! Library staff also served 8,464 meals and snacks at 15 library meal sites.

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